Joe Erwin is a popular and powerful storyteller, and speaks regularly to companies, organizations and groups on a variety of topics including creativity, leadership, culture, business growth and branding.

He is known for his candid and joyful – yet hard-hitting – style, and has been recognized for his ability to energize teams, inspire leaders and challenge individuals at every level.

For individual and company leadership coaching, Joe offers one-on-one or small group consulting services on topics including:

  • Growing your business in a sustainable manner

  • How to acquire companies smartly & successfully

  • Strategies for selling or merging your business

  • Business development strategies

  • Winning over prospects at every step of the relationship

  • Leadership lessons for business owners

  • Hiring and building a staff that creates success

  • Financial management and optimizing profit

  • Public relations strategies for enhancing corporate reputation

  • Real estate: buying vs. renting as a wealth-building strategy

Joe begins all coaching relationships by asking questions and tailoring a plan to address each company’s/professional’s individual needs. There are no templates; in the end, he looks primarily to answer his clients’ key questions and help them discover what’s right for them and their business.

American Association of Advertising Agencies Annual Conference, New York

Greenville Chamber Leadership Summit Keynote, Greenville, SC

Collaborators & Cocktails with Joe & Gretchen Erwin, Greenville, SC

We greatly appreciate Joe speaking to our team regarding his career, the history of his business, and lessons learned along the way.  His candid description of what it takes to build a great team and creating goals was inspiring. We enjoyed his description of a ‘BHAG’ so much that we had one made.

Robert Hughes, President, Hughes Development Corp.

Joe has been instrumental in helping me develop my leadership skills and gaining insight to think differently as we approach larger projects and clients. Our one-on-one coaching sessions have helped us grow our business, to take it to the next level.

Ramon Nieves-Lugo, Principal, UniComm Media Group

Joe has been an advisor to me for two years, giving me the benefit of his experience building Erwin Penland – by all standards a very successful ad agency. He has shared advice on strategies for creating a talent pipeline, the importance of doing great work, and striking the right balance between investing in people, benefits and other company initiatives versus company profit. Crawford Strategy is a better agency because I’ve had the benefit of consulting with Joe on the business of building a great brand.

Marion Crawford, President and CEO, Crawford Strategy

Joe spoke at our 4A’s Forum meeting in Charleston, SC about Agency Mergers & Acquisitions.  Our Forum is comprised of a dozen CEOs from advertising agencies all over the country, who can be skeptical of ‘expert’ speakers, but Joe quickly engaged them in a way that brought the meeting to life and provided clarity to the very complex and emotional issue of M&A.  He ended up being a highlight of the meeting for all of us.

Josh Lane, Partner & Director of Account Strategy, Ferebee Lane
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